Allowing creatives to focus on their craft


We provide business financial operations & strategy support to let creatives do what they do best.

From sole proprietors to mid-size businesses, we work with Clients for whom the minutiae has eroded their view of the big picture. We clarify.

De Bari & Co brings an eclectic and energetic presence to every meeting which sets it apart from other firms and is imbued at every level of service.

The versatile background and deep understanding of the creative process provides clients with a digestible and innovative approach to optimizing business models for creatives.

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A Dynamic Perspective. Trustworthy. Insightful. Friendly. Dependable. Understanding.  Using Knowledge for Impact.

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About Jay De Bari

Jay De Bari, former CFO/COO and founding member of Roman & Williams Buildings & Interiors, has more than 20 years of experience driving business operations and strategy to support the creative team and process, providing stability for growth. At De Bari & Co, he’ll tap into this knowledge to impact your relationships with clients, prospects, designers and industry peers. 


“Lessons were learned in the field, not in classrooms. They say it takes 10,000 hours to be an ‘expert.’ If so, then I have tripled that metric. My aim now is to bring this expertise to bear for creative firms needing assistance with the business end of design, architecture and other creative fields to help clear the fog; to bring stability to their businesses and to allow them the luxury of clear focus on their art and their craft. Art is commerce. One needs to be able to sustain themselves financially while pursuing work in creative fields. One needs to understand that the value of their work product is not just deliverables and document production, but the ideas behind them and to appropriately monetize one’s intellectual property so that everyone can share in the benefits that great design brings to business endeavors.

I understand and love artists. I am a musician, painter, husband and father.  I understand Clients. I am a businessman, a leader and an entrepreneur. The two worlds need to mesh for an endeavor to be successful. It is this middle area where people need the most help and where I thrive best. I want to share these skills with as many people as I can so that all together we can continue to build, create and make the world a more beautiful place. Lofty goals are the foundation of the creative process and business and creativity need never be mutually exclusive.”