About De Bari & Co.

De Bari & Co. provides a comprehensive CFO suite of services for businesses that need the support and expertise in business finance, operations and strategy to maintain stability, fuel growth and to help you sleep better at night. CFO services are vital to the smooth running of a business, to minimizing risk and maximizing profit. Many Business Owners cannot afford to maintain a financial department within their company and utilize whoever is available – or just themselves – to manage all the various transactions that go into the day-to-day operations of a Company. Every penny must be tracked, coded, categorized and reconciled. Business Owners often spend more time working on these daily tasks then they do working their craft and reaching out to wider audiences, stifling the growth that is a function of experience, time and inspiration. By providing a comprehensive suite of business services for businesses at an affordable price, we hope to democratize CFO services that are traditionally reserved only for high revenue companies. We want to create a level playing field for Business Owners, where they and their staff can focus on the craft that drives their business and their passion. Business Owners can operate from a position of strength with clear and concise knowledge of their businesses financial health not just today, but into the future as well. We work with Clients in the creative fields, including:

  • Architecture 
  • Interior Design 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Visual Arts 
  • Photography 
  • Game Design 
  • App Development 
  • Product Design

However, we offer the stability and security that business financial services can provide to any ambitious business Owner who seeks our help. From basic bookkeeping, to A/P and A/R management and payroll, a lot of money is coming and going through your company. To successfully manage your company’s finances with a view towards growth requires constant attention and a comprehensive strategy that businesses rarely receive from their CPA’s and bookkeepers. We work proactively, not reactively, by establishing cash-flow projections that drive business management and development, accurately reflect contracts and agreements, planning and pricing proposals and utilizing revenue plans as a company-wide strategic driver. 

Yes, your office manager can put together an invoice for you, but is this what you hired them for? Do you know when you should be paying your bills and what the impact will be on next week’s payroll? Do you understand your revenue stream and have contingencies in place for when it ebbs and flows? Do you spend hours and hours each month making invoices? Does your bookkeeper really understand you and your business? Do you understand where your business will be six months from now? If the answer to any of these questions is no, you should call us. We can help.